Virgin Slavic/Russian Hair

What does the term "Virgin Hair" mean?

Virgin Slavic hair is the most exclusive, rare, and might we say jaw-dropping beautiful hair in the world. Just a few stylists have access to this limited hair, making it the hardest to obtain for premium and the most natural-looking hair extensions.

How is each tail one-of-a-kind

Each and every one of our tail comes from a single head of hair, meaning we do not mix and match different tails with each other, having every tail serve as a "one-of-a-kind" ultimate luxury piece. Eachtail surpasses a strict set of standards and regulations, making From Caviar your reliable best friend for the most trustworthy, most natural-looking hair ever - a real luxury.

Why is virgin Slavic/Russian hair is the best?

Virgin Slavic hair is the rarest, most exclusive type of hair globally, giving access to only those who understand quality and for the few specialized extension artists and wig makers to deliver the best, most natural, and selective results ever. Real natural Russian hair is the only authentic European hair in the market.

The term "Russian" means not just imported from Russia, but also having sourced and cut the hair within the three Slavic divisions. Due to the limited access and strict exclusivity to virgin Slavic hair, all while having the highest quality in shine, volume, structure, non-frizz component, length, and natural stunning hair colors and light tones this type of hair has to offer, many quality lovers, high-end stylists, and celebrities choose virgin Slavic hair as their hair of preference for their extensions. To finish, each and every one of our tail comes from a single head of hair, meaning we do not mix and match different tails with each other, having every tail serve as a "one-of-a-kind" ultimate luxury piece.

Hair Authenticity & Sourcing

Where is this hair coming from?

Per each individual FROM CAVIAR bundle, you are getting a 100% unique experience tailored just for you. Each FROM CAVIAR bundle is carefully assessed by our team of experts before cutting or purchasing the hair ourselves. Every bundle we sell is entirely from one single head of hair. Meaning, our bundles are never mixed with each other (to maintain the "Remy" factor, overall quality, and obvious sanitary reasons). Our hair is individually sourced from towns and cities all over the three Slavic divisions by our team of quality experts behind From Caviar, ensuring quality, class, and distinction - now that's From Caviar.

How are other businesses practicing dirty ethics and selling fake Russian hair?

1. Many businesses claim to sell virgin Slavic hair when in reality, it is not. Only a few selected individuals have access to this exclusive kind of hair. Due to customers' lack of education on hair extension quality control, many people, including top-notch stylists, get ripped off by purchasing disguised Uzbekistan hair at the price point and label of "virgin Slavic." Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, where the natives have darker, more coarse hair that tends to be very prone to frizz. Like Chinese and Indian hair, Uzbek hair is usually very chemically processed through its shape and color, as most of this hair is initially found in black/darker tones. 

2. One of the largest unethical practices in the hair extension world is deceiving businesses that sell Uzbek hair as raw virgin Slavic hair. Uzbek hair does not have the same exclusive quality as Slavic hair; it doesn't come in an array of natural hair colors and tones as Slavic hair does, nor with that same beautiful shine, soft texture, and "wow" factor Slavic hair does. Knowing how chemically processed it is, Uzbek hair will barely last in longevity, and the quality will look relatively poor and shabby. At FROM CAVIAR, we guarantee you are purchasing only the best of the best 100% utterly raw pure virgin Slavic hair sent from the goddesses, just for you. A divine luxury, indeed!

How can I authenticate the hair?

1. First and foremost, whether the hair is Slavic or not, 100% natural, high-quality virgin hair has to be "Remy" hair, meaning the cuticle from the hair that is getting cut has to be facing the same direction, which prevents knotting and tangling of your own hair with the extensions. This is a critical component of quality control, which many larger corporations don't necessarily have. Now, raw virgin Russian hair should always come in bundles, not in a perfect plastic package, as this means the hair has been chemically altered and dyed. 

2. Virgin hair, typically, should be lighter on the ends than on the roots, too. Another critical tip to certify this luxurious type of hair is looking that the hair is not overly shiny but instead looking like a healthy standard shine. Overly shiny & "glossy-like" hair tends to be chemically altered, processed, and silicone-topped hair, which is what you want to avoid at all costs in hair extensions. Russian hair should feel naturally soft and silky on your hands and should not have that extra artificial shine. Virgin Russian hair is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Color wheels are a MASSIVE indication that the hair has been processed. I mean, if there is a standard color wheel of the colors "available," the hair used in the extensions has all undergone a chemical process of painting, bleaching, and even coating with silicone. Pro-Tip: always avoid selecting your color from a color wheel. Instead, choose your hair delicately and precisely from our raw virgin FROM CAVIAR Slavic bundles available that are waiting for you! 

3. The "perfect wave" does not exist. Just like your natural hair, the waves go in all shapes and patterns, not just one perfect pattern. This is also an effortless way to spot chemically processed hair. If the structure of your extensions has been altered, you can notice through observing the structure of the extensions and noticing the hair, just like your own hair, does not come in "the perfect Hollywood waves." Raw natural 100% virgin Slavic hair should look like a "3 PM beach walk around The Hamptons," not "Ready to walk into the Met-gala with my perfect curls."

4. Pro-Tip: make sure that all your bundle of choosing's unique qualities, such as the one-of-a-kind color and tone & unique structure, matches your own, as this will give you the most "au natural" looking results that will leave you in love with FROM CAVIAR. But no worries. Book a virtual consultation with us, and we will find you your perfect one-of-a-kind virgin Slavic tail fit just for you!

Shipping & Returns

Can I return my extensions?

For precise and evident sanitary reasons, we do not, under any circumstance, accept returns or exchanges. That's why we are here to help you every step of the way through the journey of selecting your most precious virgin Slavic From Caviar hair and assure you absolutely fall in love with your extensions - That's what we, the angels behind Caviar, are here for.

How do you ship the products?

We offer worldwide shipping, and we ship our hair with DHL Express or FedEx. You have the opportunity to select what method of shipping to use for your precious cargo, either standard shipping or Express "first-class" delivery.

Choosing Extensions

How can I install my hair extensions?

At From Caviar, we constantly work with high-end professional stylists globally who know how to work with this intricate yet beautiful hair. Please let us know if you are looking for a certified professional to install your hair extensions, and we would be more than happy to refer you to a hair extension master.

How can I color match my own hair to the extensions prior to purchasing

Voila - this is where our virtual consultation comes in handy. Aside from the one-to-one private consultation, we will also ask for photos of the back of your head with your hair down to recommend only the best-suited tails for you, color and texture-wise. You will always receive photos and videos of a personally curated selection of identified selected tails that suit precisely what you are looking for, and from there, you will have the liberty to choose your perfect tails to acquire. Yes, we are always here to answer any questions you might have along the way :) 

What method of extension should I use?

Every woman is unique in their own beautiful way. Hair extensions should be unique, too! At From Caviar, we carry an array of hair extension methods that will fit exactly what you are looking for and what your hair will respond to the best. Hopping on a private consultation with one of our team members at From Caviar will aid in identifying which method of extension is the best for you - because you are unique, and your hair extensions should be too. 

What is a virtual appointment, and why do I need one?

1. For us to help you find your perfect selection of virgin Slavic hair, or aspecific set of hair extensions, at From Caviar we love truly listening to ourclients, hearing exactly what they need, and helping them navigate their way to perfect hair. Considering all of our virgin Slavic tails are entirely one-of-a-kind, we want to make sure each tail you take home with you will be absolutely perfect either for yourself, as an individual, or for your clients, as a high-end professional stylist. 

2. Our virtual appointment will be short and sweet. Tell us exactly what you want and how you want it, and one of our team members will be sure to point you in the right direction. 

3. Not so sure what you want? Totally fine! We are here to help you find your dreamiest virgin Russian hair extensions, as well as helping you navigate the difference between From Caviar hair vs. other hair extensions, and assure you why our hair is the most natural-looking and beautiful hair you will fall in love with. 

Hair Care

How long will this kind of hair last?

1. Considering our hair is 100% natural at a complete raw virgin state, From Caviar hair is set to last a minimum of a year of day-to-day use and can even last up to three years. That is, depending on how much love, care, and constant attention you give your From Caviar extensions, and how much you follow our recommendations found on your From Caviar Ultimate Hair Care Guide.

2. From Caviar is not responsible for poor personal treatment of the hair, leading to a short lifespan. 

How do I take care of my From Caviar hair extensions?

1. Every single one of our From Caviar tails requires TLC: tender, love, and care, that is. However, every different hair extension method requires unique and individualized care. Please find all the information regarding hair care and how to treat your particular extension method on our From Caviar Ultimate Hair Care Guides found with every purchase of one of our exclusive virgin Slavic tails.

2. Want to obtain a virtual copy of our From Caviar Ultimate Hair Care Guide? Please email us at info@fromcaviar.com


Are there any discounts or sales?

Stay tuned for special pricing, ladies! Stylists, become a part of our High-End Exclusive Stylists Club to apply for wholesale and exclusive pricing.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Wave Accounting checkout.