Educational platform for stylists to learn more about virgin Slavic hair.

The purpose behind our membership program is to grow as a high-end stylist. At the end of it all, you are working with the best hair globally; we’re just teaching you how to use it properly so it can last a long time for your client, and of course, look absolutely gorgeous.

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this delicate type of hair

from caviar


Grow your creative practice.

We provide you an educational platform to further deepen your knowledge on virgin Slavic hair and how to properly treat it, install it, and even color it as a From Caviar stylist, guaranteeing the utmost best & natural results.

Join the community of the bests.

Get access to a community of talented artists who recognize virgin Slavic hair's value and exclusivity (just like yourself). Network with best hairstyles globally on only-members even From Caviar.

Become a brand ambassador and get exclusive pricing.

Receive greater discount pricing on all our hair and extension methods as a part of elite professional club. Become brand's ambassador and get featured on our Instagram page as a "From Caviar" professional hairstylist.

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Most Exclusive Club In Town.

We value working with the most talented, experienced, and attentive stylists globally. We explicitly only work with stylists who love the quality of virgin Slavic hair and have had previous experience working with this exclusive delicacy. Each application is carefully reviewed and has to be approved by From Caviar team. Please allow a few days to receive an application status notice. Thank you!

Get the tools to help you grow and improve your creative practice all at one place, so you can focus on delivering the best results to your clients. always.

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for your professional growTH

Educational platform to grow your creative practice

Professional community of best hairstylists globally

Exclusive wholesale pricing

Members-only events to foster connection

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Coming Soon.

While we create exclusive membership for you, make sure to join the waitlist to be notified when enrollment will open.

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