Custom Clip-In Extensions

Starts at $1200


Custom clip-in hair extensions with the measurements of your head. Let us know how many tracks you'd like, along with the individualized size per track, and we will create the perfect clips made just for YOU. There is nothing more comfortable than having your clips individually and uniquely tailored for you. Now, that's luxury.

Colors & Length

All From Caviar extensions are completely unique in many elements, such as color & length, resulting in the uttermost perfect and unique fit just for you.


All of our clip-ins are entirely customized, from start to finish. We will take you through selecting your ideal virgin Slavic tail with our team in Ukraine and Russia. With two straightforward measurements, your custom set of clips will be entirely and uniquely created for you. Approximate delivery time: 2-5 weeks.

Return & Exchange

For precise and evident sanitary reasons, we do not, under any circumstance, accept returns or exchanges. That's why we are here to help you every step of the way through the journey of selecting your most precious virgin Slavic From Caviar hair and assure you absolutely fall in love with your extensions - That's what we, the angels behind Caviar, are here for.

Shipping & Payment

We accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, and Wave Accounting checkout. Your product will be delivered straight to your doorstep as soon as it will be customized exactly for your needs and wants. We offer worldwide shipping, and we ship our hair with DHL Express or FedEx. You have the opportunity to select what method of shipping to use for your precious cargo, either standard shipping or Express "first-class" delivery.

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Exclusively selected and customized exactly for you by our experts

how to

Find Your Perfect Wave


Book An Appointment

It's easy, free and online! Caviar team member helps you to select the best option exactly for your wants and needs.


Send Us Your Head Measurements

Follow our simple video instructions and send us your head measurements to help us tailor the product exclusively for you.


Customization And Development Time

The average time between placing an order to getting the order ranges anywhere from 2-4 weeks.


Shipment To Your Doorstep

As soon as we have confirmed your purchase, your one-of-a-kind Slavic treasure will de be shipped directly to your preferred address.