Basics of working with Slavic hair extensions

Basics of Working With Slavic Hair Extensions

Today the main suppliers of raw material for hair extension are the two countries, India and China.  Asians delivered hair significantly is inferior to Slavic product. And most important is that today many beauty salons do not warn their customers about the real origin of the extensive hair and often give Asian hair for the European.

Meanwhile, most of the Asian raw materials refer to «NoRemyhair» type. This hair is taken from the combs. In India and China this method is widely practiced because it gives women an additional source of income. But experts note that those hair is dead because dropped naturally, i.e. outlived their life. By the way, do not forget the Asian craftsmen use hair "from the floor" of beauty and hairdressing salons or entangled hair (found among donor tails with careless handling). At the same time, Indian and Chinese hair are bought by international companies in large quantities on attractive prices for suppliers.

What is the advantage of Slavic hair.

The main difference between Slavic hair is the quality – it's the curls that will always please you with its perfect condition. They are the most structure close to the strands of the girls in our country. In addition, presented in a variety of colors: with such a gorgeous selection you can always find those which have long dreamed of.

This is really the best hair for hair extensions: their high price is fully justified from the quality. Among their advantages:

1. natural look: they blend in with your natural strands;

2. softness, Shine and silkiness;

3. the ability to maintain their great appearance even after a number of corrections;

4. in most cases are supplied unpainted, allowing them to look even better and more natural;

For hair extensions natural hair it is best to choose ais the kind that will bring you only pleasure. Allow yourself the luxury